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Zoom and In-person classes

  Contact me if interested in a Zoom or in-perron class for your group. 

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Seashells and Seagrass Coiling

Class Description: Weave this nautical piece using seagrass and waxed linen thread embellished with seashells. You will learn knotless netting and coiling on a gourd, and how to drill holes in shells. Materials: pre-cut and marbled finish hard shell gourd, seagrass, wool roving, waxed linen, and an assortment of seashells and beads.

Button Coiling

Learn to coiling on a round body gourd, how to add a button, charm or gemstone.
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Basic Coiling on Gourds

Class Description: Coiling is a fun and easy basket weaving technique. Learn how to attach hand dyed Danish cord to the edge of a gourd, how to weave open and closed coiling, how to free form coil, and how to attach a row of beads to the coil. Choose from several color combinations of gourds, Danish cord, and waxed linen thread to personalize your own creation. Jane will share her own technique of dyeing the gourd and cording to match. You should be able to finish this project in class. No weaving experience is required. All other materials will be provided, including a cleaned, cut and dyed gourd.

Pine Needle Weaving with Walnut Shells

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Mix-it Up, Coiling, Knotless Netting and Couching 

Frazzled, Seagrass and Copper Wire Twining


In this class you will learn to apply an antique bronze metallic finish to the gourd and how to twine (a basket weaving technique) using seagrass and copper wire.

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Couching on a gourd

Learn to create a design on a gourd using a sewing technique called couching combined with coiling, a basket weaving technique. You will be provided with a ready-to-weave gourd with cord that is dyed to match the gourd.  

Open, Closed and Floating Coiling on a gourd

Basket Day Dream Cathcer on a gourd.jpg

In Your Dreams
Weave a Dreamcatcher in a gourd.

on outside of Canteen Gourd

Use your imagination as you create your own design with Tenerife weaving using 4 ply waxed linen thread on the outside of a 8" canteen gourd. 
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Tenerife and Couching on Gourd

Learn to do Tenerife, a fun easy lace weaving technique using a needle and waxed linen cord on a gourd. Follow the instructions or create your own design, then top off with a Butterfly charm for accent. 

Supplies included in the kit: drill bit, needle, tiger tape, ready-to-weave gourd, waxed linen cord, and step by step color photo instructions.  


Fairy Pot
Twinning on a Mini Gourd.

Learn to twine on a gourd using 7 ply waxed linen thread.  Finished size is 2 1/2 inches by 3 inches.

Coiling on a Tall Body Gourd

Learn to open and close coil on a tall body gourd using hand-dyed Danish cord and waxed linen thread. Use space and beads to create your design. Accent the gourd by couching a design with Danish cord, Top off with a knotless netting inside the couching. You can choose from several colors, and shapes of tall body prepared gourds, thread, and cord. Also provided will be Tiger Tape, drill bit, needle, and wooden beads and step by step color photo instruction. Finished size is 8 to 10 inches tall.