Fairy Gourd Houses

  • Back Door Studio, Current Gallery

Service Description

Class Description: This class will provide information on multiple techniques for constructing your own unique fairy house. Instructor will give instructions for cutting the doors and windows and provide several techniques for constructing a roof from various materials including gourd seeds and pinecones, and cardboard. You will learn to carve a "wood grain" pattern into your door, carve moldings around your windows and how to attach gourd pieces together. You will also learn how to make a miniature door hinge, a miniature fairy porch light and will be able to make some miniature leaves and grasses to accessorize your fairy house. Each student will design their own unique fairy house in a style of their own choosing. Most students should finish the project during class time; however, some students may have some finishing work left to do at home depending on the techniques you choose. Several sample photos of Gourd Fairy Houses are shown as examples, but your own fairy house will be uniquely yours!

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  • McMinnville, Oregon, USA