Gourd Art

              by Jane Wilson

Gourd Art

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Pineneedle Weaving and Coiling


Coiling on Gourds


Blue to Cream Gradient
Gourd Art

 I have recently moved to the Portland area and have been using gourds as an art medium since 2005.


Originally from Kansas, I fell in love the use of color and the many different art media that can be used with gourds.  As a former oil painter, woodcarver and pyrographer, gourds are a perfect fit for my art work.


Coiling, a basket weaving technique, has become a favorite of mine. I like to use a lot of color in my work. I hand dye the cord to match the design on the gourd.  I often will do a piece that combines pyrography, painting and weaving.  


Gourds are a gift from nature, no two gourds are alike in size, shape, or color so each piece in unique. I never know for sure how the piece will come out; many times changing my mine several times before I finish.

I am an award-winning Gourd Artist, recently winning Best of Advanced Division at the Show Me Gourd Art Festival in Missouri. State and National Gourd Societies support gourds as an art medium and challenges one to learn more art techniques and improve the skills you have. 


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